NoctiLumina® Watch Luminizing Kits and Materials

Watch Luminizing Kits and Materials

About NoctiLumina®

The NoctiLumina line of watch and clock luminizing kits gives you great freedom to create the dramatic look and functionality you need. There is no better material for adding glow to a watch or clock.

With NoctiLumina, you can

  • Make a watch readable in the dark for up to 24 hours
  • Restore an old watch or clock so it glows again

NoctiLumina is used and trusted by professional watch restorers and hobbyists. Our pigments are engineered to resist aging for decades using the finest formulations, all of which are non-radioactive and able to resist water and humidity indefinitely. Our binders are based on long-life polymer systems that have been proven to resist yellowing in UV environments and maintain adhesion for over 50 years.

Scott Anderson

*** WHAT'S NEW ***

29. July 2016 2200GMT - The issue we had with our email server has been solved.

29. July 2016 0800GMT- Our mail server is temporarily down. We are unable to respond to our account. If you have tried to contact us in the last few days, and have not received a response, please bear with us. The problem should be corrected sometime today.

3. March 2014 - We are now selling all products world-wide without restriction

We are now able to serve our customers throughout the world with our complete product line of photoluminescent pigments, binders, and accessories. Additionally, we can provide pure pigments, in both large and very small quantities, without having to buy a complete reluming kit. Please see our Pigments page and our Prices page for more details.

15. February 2014 - We now accept bitcoin

We are now able to take bitcoin in payment for our products, as well as PayPal and major credit cards. Bitcoin is a useful online currency due to its low transfer cost and high level of security. Many large online retailers have adopted bitcoin, including Because of these advantages, we are offering a discount of 15% for customers who pay in bitcoin. See details on how to use bitcoin to pay for your NoctiLumina order on our Store page. Our bitcoin processor is, a US company based in San Francisco.