NoctiLumina® Watch Luminizing Kits and Materials

Watch Luminizing Kits and Materials

About NoctiLumina®

The NoctiLumina line of watch and clock luminizing kits, pigments, and binders gives you great freedom to create the dramatic look and functionality you need. There is no better material for adding glow to a watch or clock.

NoctiLumina is used and trusted by professional watchmakers, watch restorers and hobbyists.

Our pigments are engineered to resist aging for decades using the finest formulations, all of which are non-radioactive, non-toxic, and non-acidic, and are able to resist water and humidity indefinitely.

Our binders are based on long-life polymer/solvent systems have been proven to resist yellowing in UV environments, and maintain adhesion for over 50 years.

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*** WHAT'S NEW ***

We have some significant additions to our line of pigments. Check out the new colors here: NoctiLumina® Photoluminescent Pigments and Aged Non-Glow (AN) Pigments

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